Interview Question - Fibonachos User Story

As an avid foodie, I want to eat Fibonachos. I want to see a program that will print the Fibonacci sequence described below so that I can assess how many I can fit on a plate, and assess basic to moderate programming skills in a language of the candidate’s choice.

Verifying SSH Key Fingerprints with DNS records

SSH Fingerprinting is a method to provide DNS records for key fingerprint verification of any client that logs into said machine.

Doing this will prevent users from blindly typing ‘yes’ when asked if they want to continue connecting to an SSH host who’s authenticity is unknown.

Most of the people just type ‘yes’ without even checking if it’s correct or not, which defeats the purpose of the prompt.

The fingerprint records together with DNSSEC will completely bypass the prompt and have SSH verify the fingerprint automatically.

Automatically switch between WiFi and Ethernet

I wanted a way to automatically switch between wifi and ethernet when I connect the system to the ethernet port, or auto start wifi when I disconnect the ethernet port.

Simplest way to do so was to use NetworkManager to enable/disable wifi, when we detect an ethernet connection.

I also wanted a way to track what is happening so we log to syslog our actions, and a way to disable the functionality without removing the file from they system.

Debian daily backup domains with tartarus.

In a previous article we saw how to set up a backup process for tartarus, in this article we will see how we can generate backups of the data in each vhost with tartarus, the reason I do this is so we can set up a daily incremental backup of the files for each domain.

Touchpad not working on Debian after suspend/hibernate

Touchpad doesn’t work after suspend/hibernate on Debian, I ran into this issue a while ago when I installed Debian on my MSI GT70 DRAGON EDITION laptop, this probably will apply for other laptops too.

Turns out the solution is simple, you just need to reinitialize the touchpad, can be done by simple commands.

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