Building lftp on Windows

One of the best FTP clients I have ever seen is lftp, and what is even best it’s open source on Linux, if you want to use it on Windows you will have to compile it with Cygwin.

Why would someone use lftp, when there are alternatives like FileZilla, and a lot of other ones. Yes FileZilla is good and it’s free, but some of the options that are available with lftp are really good and helpful. And I know of a lot of people that use lftp for server backups on Windows Server and Linux machines to do recursive backups and mirroring.

For a complete feature list you can see this page.

Some interesting information about this application can be found on this page, there are various examples of how to use it on their page.

OpenLayers draggable popups

How to implement a draggable popup in OpenLayers, to have the ability to decide which class will be draggable and which one will not be?

For a project I needed to be able to drag the OpenLayer popups, the problem was there were some implementations online, but I needed for the popup to be only draggable on the title, and for input elements not to interfere with the dragging process. Becase when I clicked on an input, textarea it suddenly stared dragging and it was a mess.

Generating filename based on the android project name and version name when running ant

How to generate a filename based on the android project name and version when running ant, we will look at how the ant scripts should look like after the modifications

If you’ve ever wanted to generate the android project filename according to some data from your android manifest, you can use the ant build scripts to add the functionality needed.

Using ant to generate javadoc for your android project

This process describes the generation of an android project using ANT, which will generate the project and also generate the javadoc documentation

If you want to generate JavaDoc for your project directly from the command line, you can easily do it by adding some extra configuration to the ant build.xml script.

Git alias, color and pretty printing

I’m tired of looking at the plain old log in git, so let’s see how we can spice it up a bit?

If you ever needed to have a prettier format of printing the git log, for easier changes, you can add this to the alias section of the .gitconfig file.

Websocket traffic forwarding using iptables

I’ve had a problem, I needed to route websocket trafic from internal server for external access, but I ran into a lot of problems, like not connecting, or the connections dropped, so let’s see how we can route the traffic successfully