Websocket traffic forwarding using iptables

I’ve had a problem, I needed to route websocket trafic from internal server for external access, but I ran into a lot of problems, like not connecting, or the connections dropped, so let’s see how we can route the traffic successfully

Hard links to a file

Describes the process of creating a hard link to file, and searching for hard links for any given file.

SNS/SQS for node.js

How to interface SNS, SQS for node.js to AWS?

If you want to be able to create a SNS/SQS bindings from code and not to do it from the AWS Console with node.js you can do it like this.

Maintaining multiple version of a software

Describes the process of maintaining multiple version of Eclipse on your linux machine

I’ve needed on a couple occasions to use a software with different version numbers.

Wireshark No Interfaces

How to fix the issue with Wireshark not showing any interface in linux?

If when you start Wireshark complains that you don’t have any interfaces just execute the following commands

Automatic SVN incremental backup

How to create a simple incremental backup system, that you can restore at any time at a later time?

There are a lot of ways to create automatic incremental backups.

The simplest way is to use a post-commit hook that will automatically generate a backup every time we commit something to the repository.

And then we can always backup those files anywhere we want and we can recreate the SVN repository from those files.