Automatic zone replication with BIND9 in Plesk 11.5 + Debian Wheezy + PHP

This tutorial is aimed at showing how to set up zone replication from a master to a slave server, without the help of the user input on Debian Wheezy with Plesk 11.5 and PHP

Let’s decide how to call the servers we are gonna use in the setup.

  • master

Main server, that hosts Plesk and BIND9 DNS server in Master mode

  • slave

Slave DNS server that hosts BIND9 DNS server in Slave mode

To be able to get a list of available domains on the main server we need mysql-client, on the DNS server, the reason for it is so we can get a list of domains from the primary server, so we can check if they exist or not so we can create them if necesseary.

Generating DomainKeys for Mail

We need to generate DK (DomainKeys) to validate that we are the original senders and not someone impersonating us, this tutorial is meant to explain how generate the keys

Setting up SPF + DK + DKIM with Postfix in Plesk 11.5 on Debian Wheezy

Shows up a detailed process on how to set up SPF + DK + DKIM with Postfix in Plesk 11.5 on Debian Wheezy, step by step, and how to test to make sure everything is working correctly

I leased a dedicated server from Hetzner, and I got the Plesk option, for administration, so I don’t have to bother with administration, but turns out I’m not so lucky, I’ve ran into a lot of issues with using Plesk, so I had to do my own fixes.

So let’s take a look at how we can integrate SPF + DK + DKIM with Postfix in Plesk 11.5 on Debian Wheezy.

Debian Backup with Tartarus

How to backup a Debian/Ubuntu server with Tartarus, and why is this usefull for us

Why do you need this, if you are like me and like to experiment a lot, you will end up breaking your server a lot of times, so this will enable you to restore your server fast and easy.

Activate maintenance mode manually in WordPress

In the previous post I wrote about how to transfer my own WordPress blog, to a static generated site using Wintersmith, but now, I need to take down the blog, so first thing, first, we need to create backup of the database and content I have uploaded on the system. So lets see how we can do it.

Migration from Wordpress to Wintersmith static site generator

Well my blog was on Wordpress, and I was happy, so why did I move away?

  • Constant maintenance, requires a lot of time, as it’s constantly being targeted by hackers
  • Slow, even with caching plugins, I didn’t want to put a really powerfull machine just to run a blog page
  • Server maintenance
  • Didn’t use all the functionality in the system, don’t really need all that functionality

So I got tired of managing all this stuff, so I decide it is time to find something that won’t waste so much of my time and let me use it when I need, and not worry about if I’m gonna get hacked, or if my server is slow.