RVM + GitLab on Debian

I needed to install my own GitLab on my server for my personal projects, so I don’t have to use GitHub and pay for it. This will require some work, but in the end you will save some money.

Before proceeding lets install some prerequisites.

KVM port forwarding with NAT network and libvirt on Debian

I needed to forward some ports from multiple KVM machines, I tried with iptables, but the problem is libvirt adds some rules of it’s own, and the rules were never in the correct place so it didn’t work.

Fortunately KVM supports hooks, and we can use them to do what we need.

You should be able to easily adapt this to any linux distro.

How to reset var folder permissions and ownership to their default in Debian

If by accident you execute a command that changes the permission or ownership of a bunch of folders or file in Debian, you are in a lot of trouble, usually the sollution is to reinstall the system, but as I was unwilling to reinstall thet system, I decided to find another way to do it, as I have finally set up my system as I want it to run, so we will look into a couple of methods of how to do it without reinstallation of the system.

Using virtual machine, reinstalling packages, or even generating a script from debian packages.

Automatic zone replication with BIND9 in Plesk 11.5 + Debian Wheezy + PHP

This tutorial is aimed at showing how to set up zone replication from a master to a slave server, without the help of the user input on Debian Wheezy with Plesk 11.5 and PHP

Let’s decide how to call the servers we are gonna use in the setup.

  • master

Main server, that hosts Plesk and BIND9 DNS server in Master mode

  • slave

Slave DNS server that hosts BIND9 DNS server in Slave mode

To be able to get a list of available domains on the main server we need mysql-client, on the DNS server, the reason for it is so we can get a list of domains from the primary server, so we can check if they exist or not so we can create them if necesseary.

Generating DomainKeys for Mail

We need to generate DK (DomainKeys) to validate that we are the original senders and not someone impersonating us, this tutorial is meant to explain how generate the keys

Setting up SPF + DK + DKIM with Postfix in Plesk 11.5 on Debian Wheezy

Shows up a detailed process on how to set up SPF + DK + DKIM with Postfix in Plesk 11.5 on Debian Wheezy, step by step, and how to test to make sure everything is working correctly

I leased a dedicated server from Hetzner, and I got the Plesk option, for administration, so I don’t have to bother with administration, but turns out I’m not so lucky, I’ve ran into a lot of issues with using Plesk, so I had to do my own fixes.

So let’s take a look at how we can integrate SPF + DK + DKIM with Postfix in Plesk 11.5 on Debian Wheezy.